Download Latest Useful Stats In Free Fire Apk Obb?

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Jasubhai Complete Gaming v/s Ghulam Allam (Gaming by Nayeem): Which has more useful stats in free fire apk Obb.Jasubhai, aka Complete Gaming, is one of the standard modern free-fire apk Obb YouTubers in Indonesia. The boy currently has 22.4 million supporters on his YouTube channel. Ghulam Allam, ordinarily known by his YouTube channel Gaming with Ghulam, is a leading Free obb file content producer from Indonesia. He claims a supporter number of 2.11 million on the program.

Feature NameFree fire Apk Obb
AuthorJamshed Iqbal
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Free Fire Obb: New Features

With each repetition, Free Fire carries tonnes of new content, confidence increases, and bug difficulties that shift the pocket of what you can make in the entertainment. As before-mentioned, here’s a list of unique supplementary important features now in the game:

  • New Mode: Lone Wolf
    • A different game mode on the new map Iron Cage. You will encounter another player in an extraordinary 1v1 engagement to recognize who is the better professional.
  • Clash Squad: New Ranked Season 8
    • Arranged Period 8 is here! You can now Fix up to Gold III or over to receive the Golden AN94.
  • Battle Royale: Rank Points Adjustment
    • Ranking Up Recurring is accomplished much more comfortably than previously in Battle Royale game modes.
  • Training Grounds: Grenade Range
    • The new company range for Weapons is now available.
  • New Characters and Pets
    • Dimitri, Thiva is happening soon while Jota gets a comprehensive re-work.
  • Weapon Balances: AC80, M4A1, UZI, XM8, SPAS12, Vector, and more!
  • To understand more about all the game’s new stories and updates, read Free Fire OB29 Patch Notes.
  • Content that is currently not present in the quarry will be published gradually, ultimately the season.
  • That article analyzes a couple of YouTubers’ stats in Garena obb apk.

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 About Jasu bhai’s Free Fire ID 

Jasubhai’s Free Fire ID is 551022588

  • Continuance stats free fire apk without the call of duty mobile app obb. Jasu Bhai has performed 11930 squad competitions without obb games and has 2659 times, providing his success rate of 34.55%. He has 50108 kills in these events, by a K/D proportion of 5.32
  • If it happens to the pairing mode, the Indonesia YouTuber has performed 1772 matches and has gained 410 of them, interpreting a success rate of 19.35%. He has recorded 7482 kills at a K/D  ratio of 4.77 in that mode.
  • Jasubhai has performed 955 alone competitions and has 89 knockouts to his title, having a victory rate of 9.22%. With 3298 frags in these matches, the boy has a K/D ratio of 3.88.

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 Latest Ranking Stats Of Free Apk OBB Downloader

  • Under the popular rank period of apk OBB, Jusu Bhai has performed 75 team games and has triumphed in 47 of them, turning to a victory rate of 66.92%. He owns 395 kills at a K/D ratio of 11.54 in the mode mentioned above.
  • The successful content producer has also played four rank couple matches plus has appeared successful in all of them, shooting 33 contestants at a K/D ratio of 33.09.

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More about Jasubhai’s Free Fire ID is 307927058.

Record of Free Fire Gangstar Vegas Obb For Android

  • Jasu Bhai must have played 26081 squad matches and has acquired 5322 achievements, having a success rate of 30.31%. By a K/D ratio of 6.23, he has 67169 kills in individual competitions.
  • The Indonesian-based content producer has also worked 2783 duo matches and has triumphed 510 times, according to his win rate of 33.12%. He has grown 6633 kills at a K/D ratio of 5.89 in that mode.
  • Jasu Bhai has performed 1222 solo competitions and owns 263 Booyahs to his title, turning to a success rate of 15.37%. He has racked up 4466 frags in individual events, including a K/D ratio of 4.43.All these stats related to the free fire android obb file downloader.

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Analyzing Free Fire Obb File Games

In the recording area of gangster vegas apk obb and pair matches, Jasu Bhai has the advantage over Jasubhai in the K/D ratio and gets a rate. In the lifetime team of Pubg obb games, Jasubhai has a more critical win time while Jasu Bhai has a more reliable K/D ratio.

It isn’t easy to distinguish the two content producers’ stats in the quality solo and duotones as Jasu Bhai is still to operate in specific obb commodes. But, in the rank company matches, Jasubhai has more useful stats than Jasu Bhai.

Conclusion Of Free Fire OBB Files Free Download.

Garena free fire apk OBB, great graphics, has cool prizes and skins. Matchmaking can be a bit annoying cause u can get ranked with random people such as inexperienced or pro-people. Tip always aim for the head to get deal massive damage as well as get close to your Opponents as close as possible. Also, remember to switch weapons quickly. Once you unload your full clip for one weapon, don’t wait for it to reload, and switch to another weapon. Take cover as much as possible.


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