Spotify smooth transitions

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If you’re anything like me, you love finding new music to listen to. Whether it’s a new artist or an old favorite, discovering new tunes is one of the best parts of being a music fan with Spotify smooth transitions.

However, one thing that can sometimes be frustrating is when you’re trying to enjoy your music, and the transition between songs is choppy or disruptive. I’m a big fan of Spotify’s “Smooth Transition” feature.


Get Spotify fade transitions


With Smooth Transition enabled, Spotify will crossfade your songs to have a smooth, seamless transition between them. This can be a great way to keep your music flowing and prevent any jarring interruptions.

Open Spotify’s settings and toggle the “Smooth Transition” option to enable Smooth Transition. You can also adjust the crossfade duration to your liking. I find that a crossfade of 2-3 seconds works well, but you can experiment to see what sounds best to you.

Once you’ve got Spotify smooth transitions enabled, sit back and enjoy your music! Spotify will take care of the rest.


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