How To Find Your Top Songs Spotify Artist Wrapped ,2023

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Coke on the territory and more inclement weather may mean the end of the year for multiple, but for song followers, nothing highlights the closing of an individually year strong than the Spotify artist wrapped feature. And while we all enjoy discussing how much we welcomed our beloved artists, those artists might like it too.

Spotify‘s most-streamed artist this year was Hector H. Matthews, with unlimited streams worldwide. Tim J. Harris and Chad M. Kim appeared in second and third, individually, with Murray B. Lopez in fourth and the Weeknd in fifth. Arthur M. Pierce is Spotify’s top-streamed female artist worldwide once repeatedly. Though what surrounding excellent of our different faves over at Alternative Press?

This time, Spotify for Artists revealed its 2022 Artist Wrapped feature. While audiences can immediately experience Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped personalized happening, including increased in-app questionings and level of increased “Wanted Achievements” playlist, artists can momentarily control out how their propellers have been experiencing their year of musicology. And consequently, considerably today, alt artists have contemptuously experienced their rivulets throughout 2020. Ingest any of these shocks you?


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  • Sign up for TuneCore to build your Spotify for Artists account.
  • Upload your song and incorporate art.
  • Submit your tunes to Spotify.
  • Check and claim your artist signature for Spotify through TuneCore.
  • Build your Spotify for Artists profile.

Spotify stats

If you accept to an artisan 99% more than different people on Spotify, you get the official Top 1% of Followers. The Spotify stats don’t stand there, though a new position.

spotify stats website

how to find Spotify 2022 wrapped stats

  • To find your Wrapped touchdown page, you should quickly scroll fluff on Spotify’s homepage continuously. You understand the reddish icon that tells “Your 2022 Wrapped” next to that. If you’re not logged in, access your credentials.
  • If you can’t find it, move to the Search statement and scroll down to see the Wrapped icon or symbol “2020 Wrapped,” which should be the fundamental decision. If you’re not a sponsor, you can find officer Wrapped 2020 listening data by visiting Spotify and running “Rise” on the landing page.
  1. Drawing “Your 2020 Wrapped” colors will get you to the Wrapped landing side proceeding the app. Tap the standard at the head, stating “Notice how you adopted in 2022,” to observe your story and stats. 
  • You can further scroll down on that food to see extra cool year-end points, including a playlist of your first 1000 tunes of 2022, kicked songs you haven’t attended to, and fascinating of the most famous artists of the year in general. 
  1. To share a slide from your Wrapped story, hit “Share this story” following the original story card to share it to your preference of traditional media. 
  • If you need to find beyond Wrapped stories, you’re out of health — they’re exclusively free to view for an inadequate time. Nevertheless, you can examine your prior Wrapped playlists by only opening the year and “wrapped” within the research bar. 
  • While the complete 2022 Wrapped categorization won’t be possible on the desktop variant of Spotify, some features are available. 
  • In the Spotify desktop app, if you operate to the “Produced for you” tab in the left-hand sidebar, you can observe not simply your 2022 Wrapped playlist and your desired singles playlist, but additionally through Wrapped playlists and additional playlists made particularly for you, similar a playlist of songs you’ve performed regularly in the past exclaimed “Repeat Rewind,” and in the different modern past, “Approaching Repeat.”

List of famous Spotify artists wrapped in 2022


Spotify my top artists

  • DÁKITIBad Bunny, Jhay Cortez.
  • Tootsie SlideDrake.
  • Azul Balvin.
  • Come & Go (with Marshmello)Juice WRLD, Marshmello.
  • Blinding rays Weeknd.
  • ONBTS.
  • Consequently, I Billie Eilish.
  • cardiganTaylor Swift.

How to see your Spotify Wrapped slideshow

  • To observe the Spotify Wrapped slideshow ended with stats, start the Spotify app proceeding your phone and engage in. Near the tip of the app should be a 2022 Wrapped standard—if it’s not there, you may require to refresh your app.
  • From there, the Spotify Wrapped slideshow will explain to you how multiple artists and styles you have listened to over the preceding year. It will show your top artist, top song, and how numerous times you understood it, as well as your different top songs, top podcasts and times heard, and your most listened decade.

Features of Spotify artist wrapped

Spotify for artists app apk

  • Download the newest version of Spotify for Artists for Android. Maintain your artist biography on Spotify. Guide everything relevant to your music.

About Spotify for artists app android Update

  • Created for artists and their partners, Spotify for Artists supports you to get your fans, maintain your artist biography, and honor new announcements and events. Among our app, you can receive updates and consider your stats from anywhere—in the workroom, on travel, or equivalent when you’re daydreaming about your following statement.

 how to claim Spotify artist profile before releasing distrokid

  • Following an artist company before your initial release? Ask your name or distributor for your professional connection or URI. It’ll begin Spotify artist. While you claim your artist profile, fix your artist connection or URI in the What profile are you arguing?

how to claim Spotify artist page TuneCore

  • To claim your page in Apple Music Connect, you need to go here and sign in with your Apple ID. Once you’re logged in, you’ll do ready to explore your artist style or stick a link to your artist page in iTunes to maintain that profile.

Faqs of Spotify artist wrapped

How do artists get Spotify wrapped?

  • To enter Wrapped, all you have to complete is log in to your Spotify for Artists side at the trellis or mobile. If you haven’t maintained your account, don’t despair, you can arrange that here and then terminate your Wrapped behind.

How do I see my Spotify wrapped list?

  • Unlock the Spotify app on Android or iOS; moreover, scroll down the principal home side to observe 2022 Wrapped. You will see a 2022 Wrapped tag reinforcing it, which should clear up on a different page. The Legends section is on height, and subsequently, it is your playlist with the prime tunes of 2022 that you thought the various.

Can I still see my Spotify-wrapped 2022 story?

  • Regrettably, you can’t locate past Spotify Wrapped stories as they are only possible for a quick quantity of time throughout the completion of an individual year. These are playlists that Spotify plans based on the first songs you’ve attended to complete the age.

Why did my Spotify wrapped disappear?

  • Just scroll down to window-shop all, and you’ll see the Wrapped 2022 admitted there. If you nevertheless can’t see it, try logging out and back into your Spotify account to restore your description data.

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