How to Get Pet in Free Fire For Free In September 2021

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Welcome, gamers! The popular mobile game called Free Fire is about to get a new pet. As Mario said on Nintendo’s official site, the latest update that Free Fire will launch soon would bring people an adorable little pet dog named Sparky. And you know what? If gamers are lucky enough, they can even grab one for free.

The new version update 1.12.0 of Free Fire would download from December 4th, 2017, or later that month. And with it, players can have a pet dog in their Home base, so they don’t have to go out anymore for hunting and kill people – not literally, you know what I mean – because now they can stay at home, enjoy the game with Sparky playing around.

Free Fire is available for both Android and iOS devices. At the same time, there isn’t any news about the Apple iPhones getting the pet update, gamers who are using Android mobiles with version 4.1 or later can download this new version within Google Play Store. By the way, the official download page of the game is here if you still don’t know where to get it.

Now that this new update has been confirmed, gamers might be excited about how they can obtain one of these little cuties for free. But if you’re expecting a challenging mission and fight-to-death battle to win the dog, sorry to spoil your fun, gamers.

To get the pet for free is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to the Free Fire official website and sign up users who haven’t created an account yet. And once you complete this simple task, you’ll be eligible to claim Sparky as your own pet in-game.

Since Free Fire has 1.5+ million gamers already, many people will be signing up to get the new pet dog. So that’s why to make sure you get your own Sparky soon enough, do not forget to sign up as early as possible upon the Free Fire release date, which is still unknown at this point.

If you’re not a mobile gamer, don’t be sad because this new pet update has been confirmed to launch also in the online version of Free Fire. And since Steam gamers are most likely going to get it first before Android and Apple mobile gamers do, that’s why I suggest PC gamers who want the pet dog for free should sign up too on the official site because my opinion is that this would be an intelligent move from Free Fire’s team.

This update will also add new guns, the M73, and OTS-14; both of these weapons have been seen in some photos shared on Facebook by Free Fire, so they’re probably going to be available soon. And if you don’t know what Free Fire is all about, here’s a brief introduction for gamers who aren’t familiar with it yet.

When gamers start playing the game, they’re thrown into military-themed maps where you can hide behind walls and objects to avoid getting shot by other players. It has four modes: classic deathmatch mode, team deathmatch, fire team, and last man standing. And to win the game, you need to get 30 kills or be the first to survive until the last moment of the match countdown.

Free Fire is a shooting game that gamers can play in teams or alone against another group of players from all over the world, which makes it very cool to play, especially when you’re a competitive gamer. This update would be huge because it adds a pet dog which means that gamers can have dogs in their teams!

I think this is the best update ever made by Free Fireteam, and I’m excited about it since I always wanted to get a little pup for myself, and I even researched their prices. But guess what? Since this new update is available for free, I will claim one of these pets for myself and take it home.

Get More Information About Pet Free Fire through this video

Thanks, Free Fireteam and developers, for making this feature available to gamers! You’re the best! Now let’s wait until December 4th to download this update.


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