How To Enable Spotify Lyrics Pc With Complete Helpful Methods [ Favorite Songs in Spotify. Here’s How ]

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I know you are a real lover of Spotify, and hopefully, you are searching for an excellent method to enable Spotify lyrics pc. You are at the best point. We will give you a complete approach to allow Spotify to songs. You will need Spotify-compatible software to display the PC’s lyrics (Spotify includes an inbuilt one that works fine. You will need to install the unofficial Windows client of Spotify called Spotify; it is accessible and fully functional with ads, but can now replace the official software for some features; check it out here, and Installation takes at least 10-15 minutes, so be patient

12 Helpful Points Introducing Musixmatch Lyrics Button on Spotify desktop

 Use Pc Spotify’s Real-Time Lyrics Feature

  • Step No 1. Install Spotify via the official Windows app or through your browser on an online installer. Download the installer from this page. For the offline installer, go to Spotify pure site and download it and then follow the instructions.
  • Step No 2. During Installation, just click “Next” and avoid changing anything: leave all options as is and only uncheck the box to install Spotify Community (it’s an essential feature which we don’t need) and if you use Windows 10, also uncheck Cortana and OneDrive options (we don’t want them, so uncheck it)
  • Step No 3. After Installation, open up Spotify, which should have automatically started on your taskbar. It will ask you to log in with your Spotify account so do so. Once logged in, click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner of Spotify and go to “Settings.” In this settings menu, click on “Local files” and then on “Import playlists.” Here we need to import some playlists we will find later (for the enable Spotify lyrics PC).
  • Step No 4. Open up Spotify and log in with your account, stream whatever you want, or go for a specific album/song which has lyrics in it. Search for the album/song you want and check if it is available. If it isn’t, find another one with lyrics in it, the quality of the poems will be poor either way, so try to get something that has some already.
  • Step No 5. Once you find an album with some good lyrics, click on its name and then on “Tracklisting” below it. We are now on the song list page, so click on the top song, which has lyrics, and then right-clicks with your mouse to open up a menu. Click “Copy Spotify URI.”
  • Step No 6. Now go on this website, for example, lyricsreg/copy-Spotify-lyrics-to-text/ and paste the URL you copied from Spotify. Click on “Paste Spotify URI.” Once clicked, a box will appear asking to get an API link. Click on it and wait for a new page to open up with all lyrics of this particular song. On that website, click on any line of text and then right-click with your mouse to open up a menu. Click “Select All” and then copy the selected text by pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard.
  • copy-Spotify-lyrics-to-text
  • Step No 7. Paste those lyrics into Spotify by clicking on the three dots again and going to “Local files.” Open up Local Files, click on the “Edit playlist” button, which is next to the “Add playlist” button, and click on “+ Add from URI.” Click on “Paste Spotify URI” and paste the lyrics copied in step 6. Click on “Import tracks” to add all songs with lyrics imported successfully.
  • Step No 8. You will be asked to create a new playlist for those songs, so go ahead and type in a name for your playlist. Then click on “Create playlist.”
  • Step No 9. You will be redirected to the newly created playlist, so now you need to click on the three dots in this playlist and go to “Copy Spotify URI.” On that website again, paste the new copied URL by clicking on “Paste Spotify URI” again and go ahead and click on any line of text to insert it into the “lyrics” box of Spotify. If you did everything correctly, you should have been redirected back to your playlist with all lyrics in it!
  • Step No 10. Now, go back to your desktop and open up Spotify again from the taskbar, right-click anywhere in Spotify and click on “Create desktop shortcut.” Once the shortcut is created, double-click on it to open up Spotify in a way that it would always be opened.
  • spotify lyric for desktop
  • Step No 11. For me, Spotify was opening in a small size, so I did not read any lyrics correctly. If this happens to you too, go ahead and right-click anywhere in Spotify, go down until you find a line that says “Zoom,” right-click on it, and go to “Zoom 100%”.
  • Step No 12. After going back to your desktop shortcut for Spotify, play any song with lyrics in it and enjoy! =)
    That’s all, folks! Easy right? Just follow those easy steps, and you should be good to go. If something went wrong, feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below or send an email (it’s on my About page).
    I hope you liked this article and if possible, please share it with your friends. Thank you for reading about enabling Spotify lyrics PC!


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