How to Delete Your Gcash Account Permanently in 2023

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Are you filled up practicing your GCash account, and as before-mentioned, do you need to delete or also deactivate your account?

  • If the preceding is the problem, then don’t worry because here is the best site where you can study how to delete or still deactivate your G account.
  • There are multiple causes why you may want to delete your GCash account. With all of them is email spamming through the partnership.
  • Meanwhile, GCash is an online return opening that allows designated users to transfer or withdraw digital currency into their practical accounts. The online form offers the opportunity to create or edit account data, buy for your outcomes online, send and receive payment on your applicable account, give family bills, and book movie cards online.




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How to delete the Gcash account in 2022 or 2023?

  • Considerately dial *143#, pick GCash, follow Account, and Check to deactivate your account.

how to create a new Gcash account with the same number?

If you need to create a new Gcash account with a number in the latest method, please follow all the latest steps for the account creation process.

Gcash account

  1. Through particular GCash App. 
  2. Next, download the App. 
  3. Register your mobile number; moreover, click Register into immediately. Implement the basic knowledge as mentioned.
  4. Through *143# Touching your phone, dial *143#, next to excellent ‘GCash.’ Choose ‘GCash,’ next ‘Register.’ Specify a 4-digit MPIN. …
  5. By any social media account.

how to delete Gcash transaction history

  • You can’t cancel your Cash App transaction history, although there’s additionally no obligation to. You’ll additionally regard, nevertheless, that there is no alternative to eliminate these communications. When you touch on a mortgage, it solely supplies the refund accessories and says if it’s pending or fulfilled.

How to delete my old Gcash account

  • Start up a unique mobile app approaching your iPhone approximately Android Device. Log in moreover proceed to App Settings to expose the Delete G Account key at the rear. Touch that, then approve. The data and events are cleared.

How to delete an unverified Gcash account

  • For the Business Class, choose My GCash Account > I need to remove/delete my GCash account. Connect the achieved Account Deletion Application Form. A failure prompt to communicate GCash Payment will be performed on your Login Screen. You will no longer be capable of logging in already your account has been designated as Dormant.
  • unverified gcash send money

Some best methods about How to Delete GCash Accounts?

You can delete your GCash Account by email, offering a provisional license, or visiting the second character. Here discussed are the specific actions for all of these methods.

Delete GCash Account through number dialing

GCash account has given you a number that you can easily register to delete or discontinue your G account. Observe the following actions to delete or reject your GCash account through a particular dial-in number:

  1. Dial *143# approaching your motor-activated phone.
  2. Elect GCash.
  3. Choose Account.
  4. I prefer to Check to deactivate your Account.

This is the most straightforward and most comfortable method to delete your GCash Account without any trouble. That is additionally the most expeditious method to delete your GCash Account. If this plan does not run, you can decide to delete or refuse your GCash Account through mail or by establishing a supporter ticket.

All users can Delete their GCash accounts through Email.

If dialing *143# or increasing the supporter ticket didn’t run, you could email the GCash payment company demanding account deletion. Canceling your account through this method will become more distant, but you can ensure that it will serve. The GCash maintenance company will assist you with the responsibility.


Follow the following actions to forward an email to the GCash relief team:

  1. You will require to create an email furthermore get it out to [email protected]
  2. You can have the National as “Application Toward Statement DELETION” or “GCash Recital DELETION.”
  3. In the material segment of the email, write regarding why you need to delete your account and application for deletion. I have provided a representation template here.

Delete GCash Account by Offering an Assistance Ticket

Refusing or deleting your GCash account by presenting a supporter card is approximately more potential than Method. Follow the subsequent advances to delete your GCash account by submitting a support ticket:

  1. Travel to GCash Help Center.
  2. Agree on offering a Ticket.
  3. Stretch out the required knowledge, before-mentioned as your email address, nickname, and mobile product. Communicate your interest in particular in the classification box presented.
  4. Click Submit.

How to delete GCash account in Messenger

To unlink your GCash account on Messenger, meanwhile, in the chatbox, touch approaching “Payment,” then scroll underneath furthermore choose “Your Account.” Here, you will examine the opportunity for an “Unlink Account.” Hit approaching that, and verify by “Good, Unlink.” Next to that, you will get a piece of information demonstrating that your GCash account has been unlinked happily.

To unlink your GCash account by touching Messenger in the chatbox, reinforcement handling “Money.”

How to remove the GCash transaction

Following is how to remove your transaction. You need to present a ticket with the following items.


  • Name: Give Money – Inside Receiver
  • Write down your business
  • Your signature
  • Your GCash telephone symbol
  • Day and experience when you perform the transaction
  • The reverse free number
  • The conventional mobile character of the beneficiary
  • Amount transferred
  • Directory/Trace ID (obtained in your SMS)
  • Screenshots (discretionary)

A GCash spokesperson will contact you in 24 business hours.

How to cancel GCash payment

That is not reasonable to cancel your GCash payment. You can hardly submit a notice for compensation or arrangements.

If you registered an inaccurate biller or an inaccurate account number

  • Check if you got a refund authorization through the App inbox or SMS, get a screenshot, and protect the circumstances.
  • Indicate if the value of money is subtracted from your perspective.
  • Check if you get a settlement in the following 1 to 3 performance days.

If you started a disproportionate amount of money

  • You can send over the excess substance to your attendant currency.
  • You can additionally present a candidate to challenge for a settlement.

It is deserving of remarking that several billers take varying conclusions to support a payment.

We believe that you obtain our example on how to delete the GCash account necessary. Continue staying back for updated knowledge.



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