How To Clear Cash App History on Android in 2023

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What I’m about to show you will get rid of any history in your Cash app. If you have a huge red flag on your account, you’ll want to clear your cash app history before going in and explaining yourself.

The next thing is that when you’re going through the process, it’s going to ask for a password at some point in time. This is the password for your Google account. It’s not your cash app password; it’s the password to login into your Google account.


Cash APP


About Privacy

  • If you’re worried about security or privacy, don’t let that scare you away. I like to keep things locked uptight, but after everything was done and over with, I felt more at ease knowing my Google password wasn’t sitting in someone else’s computer waiting to be hacked. So I would go through with this, even if it seems a little bit scary or weird at first.
  • I’m using an iPhone 6s for the example, but the process is almost identical for any iPhone. If you’re on Android, sorry, man – I can’t help you there.
  • I’m not a massive fan of the Cash app, but I have a little bit in my account that I’d like to get rid of before going into the branch and potentially getting flagged for suspicious activity. This is good practice if you ever use the app in the future — it won’t show up anywhere near as much as it does now.
  • You might be wondering why the name is “Cash app” right now, but I’m showing you on my Google Drive. It’s because this app uses google to backup your data (which comes in handy for apps like these that can wipe away your history). If you don’t like using Google or if you’re on an Android phone, you can use iCloud or SMS backup for your contacts and calendar.
  • This is the first screen that pops up once you’ve opened the Cash app. Nothing special here — we don’t need to bother with this for now. Just slide right, and we’ll get started:
  • Once we log in, we might as well take advantage of the “Earn money” feature. The app will send surveys to you, and if you qualify for them, it’ll pay out a couple of cents each time. Not much, but it all adds up.
  • Once that’s done, go into your settings:
  • Then scroll down until you see “Reset Inbox”:

Click it.

  • Here, you’ll see a bunch of different ways to reset your inbox about (clear cash app history). The only one we’re concerned with is the “Clear all transactions.” This will delete pretty much everything in your Cash app. You can also clear your contacts here if they end up getting stored for some reason (I don’t think they do). Be careful not to remove your “Cashtag” contacts here.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, it’ll ask for your Google password again…I told you I’d get back to that. This is why this method isn’t ideal if you’re highly concerned about security or privacy. You will type in the same password to login into your Google account that you use for everything else, so choose one that’s hard to guess.
  • You’ll also see a box pop up with the number 1 in it…don’t worry about clear cash app history – I think it pops up if your Cash app ever gets stuck. Just close out of this screen, go back into the Cash app, and log back into your Google account.

clear cash app history

  • You should see that everything is gone from your Cash app! You can also take a peek in your Google drive if you’re paranoid about it not deleting everything. And remember, after going through all this trouble, don’t do something stupid like forgetting to add a source and transferring money from an unknown bank account into your cash app. You might as well take the money out of the ATM, you dolt.
  • If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to comment! I hope this helps some people.
  • Edit: One more thing about clearing your cash app history. After doing some googling, I found that there are also two other ways to remove your Cash app history – through iCloud and SMS. The steps are almost identical for both of them, so I would recommend just going to your phone’s website and googling around until you find a guide that tells you how to use iCloud or SMS backups if you don’t want to use Google. But be careful – these two ways might not delete everything as the Google method does…so if you decide to do it this way, make sure you check that everything is gone by opening up the Cash app and scrolling through your transaction history. Again, I’m not familiar with Android, so I can’t vouch for either of these two methods. Good luck!
  • Edit 2: After commenting on one of my posts, a couple of Redditors informed me that you could also do this by deleting your cash app history on iTunes. I’ve never used iTunes before, so I don’t know how it works, but it sounds like they even can delete your transactions without logging into Google or anything else, so I’ll add instructions for that here:

Switch over to your computer and open up iTunes.

  • Click “Accounts” at the top, then go into “Sign in.” This is different from your Google account – you’ll need to click on this one if it brings up a login screen.
  • Once you’re logged in, you should see all of the apps associated with your iTunes account. Click on “iTunes Store” and then go into “View My Account.” On the left-hand side, you should see your Apple ID. Click on it, and a bunch of information will pop up – including a button that says “Purchase History.”

Switch over to your computer and open up iTunes.

  • Click “See All” to show all of your transactions. Look through this list for an iTunes transaction from the past couple of weeks. This is what you’ll need to delete to remove your transactions from the Cash app (it’s the only place where iTunes saves your data).
  • Once you’ve found it, make sure that all of the information about the clear cash app history is correct – yes, even the email address at the top needs to be accurate. Just double-check that the transaction you’re about to delete from iTunes and that it’s your transaction.
  • Once that information looks correct, scroll down until you find a button that says “Report Problem.” Click on this, and then follow the directions to report an issue with your purchase. You might get a pop-up asking for more details; you can add whatever you want in this box if you wish to, but you only need to add your billing address and the email associated with your account.
  • After hitting send, everything should be cleared from your cash app. If it isn’t working for you, I found a few Reddit users who had success using a different method: “If the transaction isn’t appearing in your iTunes purchase list, try opening up your email. The receipt should be sent to the email associated with your Apple account. Forward that to yourself and then open it on a computer.”
  • Once again, this is just one user’s advice, so I can’t vouch for how reliable it is. But if you can’t figure out how to do it through iTunes, I guess this is a decent backup. If you have any problems, comment, and I’ll try to help!
  • Edit 3: Alright, so I found a pretty good solution while looking around on Reddit about other apps that might continue to track your transactions even after deleting them from the Google and Apple logs. The #1 way to stop this is by using an app called “Greenify” (and the second solution is to go into your settings and use a battery-saving mode like “low power”). Still, Greenify requires root access and isn’t supported on every phone, so the second solution should work for you if you don’t have root or can’t get it. Just make sure your battery saver is on before opening up the Cash app. Otherwise, it’ll start looking for transactions again immediately.
  • Once again, I’m not sure how well this works, but people are saying that if you delete your Google and Apple purchase history, turn off your phone’s location services, and open up the Cash app, it won’t find any of your old, old ones transactions. The only downside is that you’ll have to do this every time you want to use the Cash card – but thanks to another user on Reddit, I found a better way:
  • “Put your phone in Airplane mode before opening the cash app. It will say “no transactions found” after a few minutes.”
  • This way, you don’t have to turn on your battery saver every time, but it does mean that you won’t be able to use wifi or call anyone while using the app. But if you’re paranoid about being tracked, that might not matter much to you! I tested this method and deleted transactions using the first method (reporting an issue through Apple) and then opened up my Cash app after putting it on aeroplane mode – and voila, no transactions had been recorded since I deleted them earlier!
  • If neither of those methods works for you, feel free to comment, and I’ll try finding another solution. And if the Google/Apple purchase history solution works for you, please comment with your phone make and model so I can pass it on to other people struggling with this problem.
  • This is the link that I used to solve this issue – if one of these solutions doesn’t work, try them all!Clear-Your-iTunes-Account-and-Apple-ID-Purchase-History
  • Before doing anything, sign out of the iTunes Store on your phone. Then delete all previous transactions from your iTunes purchase history – you can do this through your computer’s purchase history. Once that’s done, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and switch off “Set Automatically,” then set the date ahead by at least a day. Then try to open your Cash app again – it should find no transactions.
  • If none of these options works, you can also try this: “If someone has added you on Snapchat in the past 24 hours or so, you can’t use cash card until they delete you.”

Another thing to try is this:

  • Go into your email and find the most recent receipt for something you bought on iTunes. Open it up (on your computer) – it should be stored as a .pdf file. Delete that purchase from your history, then save the pdf again. Log out of iCloud/iTunes/Apple ID on your phone, then log back in. Go into the iTunes Store on your phone, open up the Cash app, and hopefully, it should find no transactions.
  • If none of these options works for you, feel free to comment, and I’ll try finding another solution. And if the Google/Apple purchase history solution works for you, please comment with your phone make and model so I can pass it on to other people struggling with this problem.

Get Details about how to clear cash app history from  this video

I’m not an expert, just another user who has the same issue – but there is a solution! Good luck!


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