How Send Money To Cash App From Chime [Complete 2022 Guide]

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I tried to send money from the cash app to chime bank through a phone number but kept getting an error. But when I transferred it again in person, the transfer went through immediately… go figure. 

It’s probably not a big deal for many people, but I’m sure it is for some – especially when you’re already at the grocery store, and it’s time to pay for your groceries. The last thing you want to do is make another trip just because of that, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

All the screenshots are from my iPhone X – iOS 11.3.1 (15E302)

First Off, Let Me Explain How The Process Goes In Just 2 Minutes

  • You get your grocery receipt and grab a cashier to pay for your groceries. You tell the cashier you want to send money to another account while paying for your kinds of stuff. They will ask you for the phone number of the history that you’re sending money from and who’s receiving it so that they can transfer it to their app for verification.
  • Once everything’s verified, the cashier will enter the amount you want to transfer using their keypad. They will ask you for your fingerprint or passcode to send the money out when that is done.
  • At this point, I’ve sent money so many times through this method, so it became very intuitive for me. I was pretty much able to do this while holding my groceries in one arm and the phone in another, which you’re not supposed to do – but it’s just an example of how convenient of a service it is.
  • Now, let’s take that process into the cash app/chime bank world, where you can transfer money to your chime account through the cash app. We will be using a non-working phone number (I’d instead not use my cell since I need it to stay in service) and sending money from my bank account to that account.

So Let’s Test it Out.


  • Get your grocery receipt, and go to the cashier with your phone handy. Tell them you’d like to make a transfer from another account, and show them your tickets.
  • They’ll ask for the number of the account you’re transferring money from, as well as the amount you want to send. Enter those in once they tell you it’s okay.
  • They will ask you to verify the transfer by entering in your account name & phone number – which will go through successfully since it’s not linked to any account.
  • They’ll want to verify the transaction, so they’ll ask for your fingerprint or passcode to complete the transfer. Here’s where things get interesting… Chime Bank/Cash App vs. Grocery Store – what’s the difference?
  • Surprise surprise! When I try to grab my groceries and go, the cashier tells me something along the lines of “Oh, you can’t do that since it says there was a failed transaction.” It seems like they only verify the transfer when it goes through successfully.

When I do it in person at the grocery store, they typically use their keypad to enter the amount – which means there’s no verification needed.

So What Can Be Done Easy Ways to Send Money Online Instantly?

  • First off, this is a problem with both the cash app and chime bank since they’re not verifying whether or not the transfer has gone through by just entering in a number. It would be an easy fix if both apps even offered a small note to say, “We need you to verify the transfer before it’s complete” or something along those lines – especially when there can be multiple users with similar names.
  • I’m sure the cash app is doing its best to keep the app safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect – especially when you’re working with the same numbers as someone else. It was probably just a simple oversight, so I’m sure there’s already an update coming soon to fix this exact error.
  • As for chime bank itself, they have no control over what the cash app does with their verification process. But what they can do is be more strict with the verification process. It would help if they could require a pin or extra step to verify their transfer before it goes through – even though it’s only $100 at max, I’d rather play it safe than sorry.
  • Maybe one day we’ll see an update for both the cash app and chime bank so they can work seamlessly together to transfer money safely – but until then, let’s hope chime bank steps up their game when it comes to verification.
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