How Do I Join The Ff Partner Program?

If you have a website or a blog, you can register your site as a partner and earn some extra cash from the commissions earned on purchases. Copy and paste our affiliate code into your page to start making money today! So First of all try to read the complete process How do I join the ff partner program?

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What is the FF Partner Program?

The partner program allows website owners and bloggers to easily promote our products and earn commissions by placing affiliate links in their content (text or banner ads). Once you sign up for the partner program, you can start making money by driving sales for us.

FF Partner Program 2021,2022

You will earn your standard affiliate commission on each sale generated from clicks from your site, blog, YouTube channel, or other web presence. We also pay for text ad clicks, but at a slightly lower rate.

We pay monthly with PayPal or BitCoin for all sales that are generated within the previous 30 days. You can also upgrade to receive checks in the mail instead of instant payments. Checks are sent out once per quarter.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is easy! There’s no approval process, and we won’t ask you for any sensitive information. All we need is a valid email address and your name and country to get started.

sin up for ff partner program

We Offer Two Types of Partner Programs:

Text Ads Affiliate Program: This program allows you to earn money from both text ad clicks and standard affiliate sales commissions. Sign up for the text ad affiliate program here.

Banner Ads Affiliate Program: This program only allows you to earn money from standard affiliate sales commissions. Sign up for the banner ad affiliate program here.

Got A Question About How to join ff partner program? 

Please email us at [email protected]

We’re working hard to ensure that our partner programs are both profitable and easy to use. If you have any feedback, questions, or problems registering your site, please email us at support.

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