How can you increase quickly level in Free Fire ?

It is a trending game in 2022, with 500 million+ downloads on Garena Free Fire. Here are some tips[ increase quickly level Free Fire ]  you can use to boost your level in Free Fire very quickly. Players can win every game with their brilliance, allowing them to be positioned as a successful mobile battle royale game.

A level system is part of every game, and Free Fire is no exception. Many different types of games require you to increase quickly level Free Fire, but leveling up is the most widely known, and it is the characteristic that distinguishes newbies from professionals.

Today, we will discuss how to quickly increase the level of free fire to x2 speed in the most efficient manner.

If you play for 2-3 hours or more each day according to your lifestyle, you will improve and max out your level in the free fire. If you start a new account or have less than 30 levels for free fire, you will see your level increase quickly. However, after 30 levels, your level will increase slowly.

If you play for a continuous period, you will reach 70+ levels very easily. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have found to increase your free fire level.


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Make sure you play safe rather than rushing.


When it comes to free fire, and boosting, it is very important to play safely in the ranked games to boost your level. Play aggressively when you are playing ranked play against most of the players. If you want to get high experience points, then you need to play safe and secure if you want high experience points.

There is a safe place you can choose from, and you can survive for a minimum of 10 minutes with the ten remaining players in your match. The most effective means of getting high experience to increase quickly level of Free Fire is to do the following.

Here’s a quick guide on how to improve your level much faster using EXP cards in Free Fire.

Players who wish to level up in Free Fire faster can use eXp cards to level up as quickly as possible. The EXP cards significantly contribute to the increased level of experience players gain within the game since they double the experience they gain in every game.

They can buy some of these cards in the powerup section to quickly raise their level. The easiest way to get free EXP cards is to log into the guild daily. Also, if you sign up for Diamond Royal, you can get a 50% EXP card and a chance to participate in free fire events.

The game must be played only by ranked players.

Playing only ranked games is the best way to get a boost to your free fire level. Compared to other modes that you can choose from in the game, you will earn more XP if you play a ranked game. Your level will increase twice as fast if you have 2x EXP cards installed.

Some modes are also available in rank mode, such as the clash squad. However, the Clash Squad will give you very little experience. Therefore, it is better to play the ranked game to increase quickly level of Free Fire.

Diamonds may be purchased or spent as follows:

With Free Fire, players can gain some free experience if they top up their accounts or buy diamonds. The extra experience points that these players will be getting will allow them to level up their characters more quickly in Free Fire.

Furthermore, besides participating in in-game activities, the player can also increase their game level and acquire extra experience points with the help of melee weapons.

Performing daily missions is an important part of the job.

Completing daily objectives or completing daily activities can earn you extra EXP points. You will be able to find the daily objectives near the map area of the game. Many daily missions in Free Fire will help you earn the most experience points, making leveling up much easier so players can spend more time on the missions that provide the most experience points.

What is the best way to reach the top level of 100 in Free Fire?

  1. Level 100 is not something that can be reached instantly. For the player to reach the max level in free fire, they need to play free fire for a minimum of two years. To reach level 100 fast, you’ll need to use 2x EXP cards to play the rank game and earn EXP.

What are the rewards for leveling up on Free Fire, and what is their list?

  1. Free Fire has not yet released a list of rewards for leveling up on the platform. There are different rewards for different levels on the platform. For example, the most common reward for leveling up is gold coins. It’s a common misconception that you can get diamonds in level-up rewards. Therefore, the answer to this question is “no.” Diamonds are not available as part of the level-up rewards.

Can you tell me which level of free fire is the highest?

  1. Free Fire’s highest level is called the “100 level.” To reach this level, you need to play continuously ranked games for at least two years to achieve it.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you level up faster in Free Fire.

In almost every game genre, leveling up is a well-known addition. After all, it separates the newbies from the pros at the top because it enables them to advance to the highest level. In addition to Free Fire, this system has also been implemented in several other popular mobile games. However, it does not quite offer the same level of excitement you might expect from a large-scale game. It may not seem like it matters a great deal, but at the end of the day, until a certain point, it does, and that is why we have included in this guide some tips about how to level up quicker in Free Fire.

As you level up in Free Fire, you will receive rewards for completing milestones in the game, as well as unlocking certain features. As you progress thru the levels, you unlock characters and unlock ranked matches as you level up to level 12. If the account is tied to a tier, it will unlock ranked matches at level 8 and is only good for that specific level. Rewards differ depending on the level but are rarely useful and significantly more difficult to earn each time.

Monthly Login Character Skin for Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, you are most likely to obtain a character skin via the monthly login calendar. Logging in each day for the month is basically what the monthly login calendar allows players to do to obtain many rewards. At the end of the month, you will be able to claim your free epic character skin. We are honored to present you with Bathysphere: 10,000 Leagues as this month’s epic character skin.

Despite this, one thing to consider here is that players must be very careful not to miss out on this opportunity. If you do not log in to your account for several days, you might miss out on the free epic character skin. If this is the case, do remember to keep an eye out.

Reward points for ranked battles in Battle Royale

Each Battle Royale Ranked Season in Call of Duty Mobile will provide players with a brand new epic skin for their battle royale character. Players need to do nothing more than play in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile to increase their rank. A free epic character skin is given to players upon achieving the level of Master III. Seraph – Precious Metal is currently offered as part of the current Battle Royale season.

The Character Skins of the Mobile Championship for Call of Duty

By participating in the ongoing championship that comes with Season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile, players will also have the opportunity to win free epic character skins. On the first day of the tournament, players were given the epic character skin for Manta Ray. The Merc 5 character skin made to match the championship theme is now offered for free as part of Stage 2 of the championship. This championship has a special skin that is only available to players who have played 30 ranked matches with their team.

In addition, it should be noted that the number of free skins available in the game varies from season to season. Typically, the tournament takes place around once or twice a year. The featured tab of the game also holds several events throughout the year. When completing certain objectives in these side quests, we are rewarded with uncommon skins for our characters.

The Credit Store has been updated.

The credit store updates every time Call of Duty Mobile is updated with a new season. In addition, this credit store update takes place twice every season of the game. Two separate occasions have occurred this season: once at the beginning of the season and again toward the end. Players can now opt to buy the new skins that have been listed in the credit store by saving up some in-game credits and then going to the credit store.

The following list is intended to help you in every way possible, especially if you are a new player just starting in Call of Duty mobile. I wish you all the best with your gaming experience!

What Is The Best Way To Get Mythic Weapons For Free On Call Of Duty Mobile!

There are two mythic guns in Call of Duty Mobile, one for the team and one for the player. They can get pretty expensive, so here are the top ways to get them for free!

In Call of Duty Mobile, players can choose from several different weapon skins to apply to their weapons. The game has a wide variety of skins for players to choose from, from rare and uncommon weapon skins to premium ones such as legendary and mythic skins. In addition to this, there is a wide variety of grindable camos for different weapons in the game. Ent weapons are in the game. After you have completed challenges with a particular gun, you will be able to unlock the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Damascus camo.

Mythic skins have been in the game for a very long time, and of all of these skins, they are the most expensive, rarest, and most sought-after weapon skins. Furthermore, one of the things that set Mythic Weapon Skins apart from the rest of Call of Duty Mobile’s skins is the fantastic kill animations of the skins. There has never been a weapon skin that has been as popular as this one since the release of the first Mythic, Fennec. The problem with mythic skins in Call of Duty Mobile is that they are rather expensive for their price. After a few draws, the cost of pulling mythic draws increases substantially compared to pulling legendaries. Many attachments and animations can be applied to tmythichic weapons.

Additionally, this isn’t the only catch. Players will also need to pay a hefty sum of money to unlock these cool goodies. Obviously, for many, that is something that they can not afford at this point. Here is a quick rundown of the game for free; here is a quick rundown of the steps one needs to follow!

You can get a free Mythic skin from the Call of Duty Mobile app if you follow these steps.

There is only one method for players to acquire Mythic weapon skins, and that is by participating in the Mythic lucky draws. You will need COD points to access this, which can be purchased in-game using real money. If you do not wish to purchase these points, you have another option. It is possible in the game to get COD points by various means. Let’s take a closer look at how to get COD points in the game.

1. Earn Google rewards by leaving an opinion

Surveys are one way people can earn money from Google Play by completing Google Opinion Rewards. You can also use Google Opinion Rewards to earn money by filling out surveys. If you register yourself as a female teen, your chances of receiving surveys are significantly higher than if you register yourself as an adult woman. It is also worth mentioning that the more you travel, the more surveys you have a chance to fill out.

It has taken a long time for players to successfully accumulate a decent amount of balance, which enables them to purchase COD points and finally participate in a Mythic lucky draw. This means that players get mythic weapons for free within the game. In addition, if you are lucky enough, you may be able to acquire mythic weapons and skins at pretty good prices as well.

2. Competition in tournaments

Players can participate in various tournaments organized by many different portals to receive free CP. It is possible to accumulate enough CP to become eligible for a Mythic Lucky Draw by winning a few of these tournaments. You can then apply for a Mythic lucky draw.

On top of that, the Call of Duty Mobile App is also holding a two-million-dollar tournament that is currently going on. A second stage of the qualifying process has already begun for this tournament. There will be a total of 1000 CP awarded to the player’s team if they qualify for Stage 3 along with them. It would be a shame to miss out on the chance to earn some CP if we had it.

3. CP will be giving away prizes as part of the event.

YouTubers and other content creators have become very common in the world of CP giveaway contests in recent years. YouTubers like Ferg and some other channels, like Ferg, often hold giveaways like this from time to time. Participants are allowed to win free CP by taking part in these giveaways. Furthermore, this is another way to obtain enough CP to qualify for a Mythic lucky draw if you so desire.

These methods are 100% legal and are 100% safe to use. You must note this fact. Call of Duty Mobile is a game that requires players to stay away from illegal means of obtaining CP. Illegal ways of making money can be a grave threat to your account, resulting in your account being permanently banned. Moreover, plenty of websites promise players that they will get more CP if they join. Therefore, you must stay away from sites like these.

Skins for mythic weapons require a certain amount of CP.

If you happen to get a legendary or mythic draw, you will notice that the next spin increases in CP by a significant amount after each spin. In Call of Duty Mobile, the cost of Mythic draws increases significantly after the first few draws when the game is being used. CP pricing varies from region to region. In India, it starts at 10 CP, and in other regions, it starts at 250 CP. Listed below is a quick rundown of how much CP was required for each spin to increase quickly level of Free Fire in India.


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