Free Fire Rank section 21 start date announced with time

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Free Fire Rank Similar greatest of the different names of the battle royale style, Free Fire good features based method consisting of various layers. Due to that, players want to join the bigger ranks and play amongst the bests. There are separate rank rules for both better methods of Free Fire: Battle Royale also Clash Squad. All several periods, the Rank Season resets in the competition. The popular  Season 19 is expected to close, and the fans appear to be nervous about the forthcoming season.

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Check the free fire rank list 2021 for the brand-new season, ranking features chart to see Heroic to grandmaster in every season.

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That post with Free Fire on their social media names, see:The brand-new Period will start the day, and among the current period, we have introduced different division awards! Please note that the traditional token level bonuses, package Sweet Wraith, AK Wind Whisperer, and Signal Transmitter, will be transferred from the property. Cover all your extras now before they depart, and make ready for the latest rank period!

Free Fire best

That article gets a peek at the commencement date of in Garena Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile remained the No. 1 name for income in the world beyond the App Store and Google Play in 1Q21, while Garena free fire rank in the world No 1.

Verify the following free fire rank list 2021 for the new season and ranking points chart to perceive Heroic to grandmaster in all seasons. 

 Free Fire: Complete list of reset ranks for summer 16

Silver 1 1000 points
Silver 215000 points
Silver 32000 points
Platinum 1 19000 points
Platinum 2 13000 points
Platinum 3 15000 points
Diamond 1 2000 points
Diamond 2 3000 points
Diamond 3 6000 points
Bronze I 100000 points


Free fire rank list grandmaster top 700 professionals in sequence grow grandmaster you requirement perform the preceding degrees as bronze, gold, silver, dimandon, heroic and you.

Free Fire Rank Points 2020

Here’s the comprehensive Free Fire Rank Points List 2020:

  • Bronze (I – III)- RP 1000-1300.
  • Silver (I – III) – RP 1301-1600.
  • Gold (I- IV) – RP 1601-2100.
  • Platinum (I- IV) – RP 2101-2600.
  • Diamond (I- IV) – RP 2601-3200.
  • Heroic – RP 3200+
  • Grand Master – Top 700 players (of a Region).

To join the Brave layer, players must have completed 3200 RP. That is a difficult task, as it needs a lot of flexibility in the gameplay. Professionals also yearn to reach more high-priced tiers for getting rewards. They take rewards based on their heroic rank in the free-fire by the top of each ranked season.

The commencement date for Free Fire Season 21

Similarly stated previously, the Free Fire  Season 19 is working on completing. Post that, the rank part in the competition would be secured for some hours.

This Rank Season would be suitable to drive about 2:30 PM IST now, i.e., February 26. Users will be getting the season-end awards, and they will be capable of assembling them through the in-game post division. Moreover, their ranks will reset, and they would own to begin their work anew.


I am Hassan from Pakistan and I am an old user of the free fire game so now I would like to recommend you to play the free fire game and after some times get an advanced ranking.


What is the rank after Grandmaster in the free fire?

Free Fire features a rank arrangement with seven ranks, with Bronze obtaining the most economical and Grandmaster the most important. Players want to give the first tier as it does not just present a judgment of achievement, but they can also boast about producing so to friends.

How do you get heroic to Grandmaster in clash squad?

You can gain rank points from getting sports and arranging kills in Clash Squad Ranked mode. You demand to be with the top 1000 professionals with the most maximum rank points to be a Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Grandmaster. However, no rank points threshold will present you the Grandmaster name in Free Fire Clash Squad.

How are free fire tournament points calculated?

Complete Score = Organization Tips + Kill Points. Each kill will award 200 points to the squad. In a draw, the team with more organisation points will be retained beyond the opposite. If the companies are also attached on installation points, the partners will be ranked according to their employment in the last tournament of the series.

Can I earn money from the free fire?

I always thought you would too be earning cash for performing your sports? Soon Play FreeFire and Earn Cash Rewards 🎁 and Awards! PlayerZon is an eSports Rewarding Platform where you Know REWARDED for your Gameplay Works and individually oppose you get.

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