Get Best Free Fire Id, K/d Ratio [ Password With Unlimited Diamonds ] In 2022

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Ajju Bhai Gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, moreover Free fire stats in March 2022 Ajju Gamer is a modern Free Fire ID content producer from Indonesia. At the time of work, the boy had 772k supporters on his YouTube channel. That article shows his Free Fire stats and K/D ratio, including more extra.

Free Fire ID, K/D ratio are good for introduction about play

What is a free fire id?

  • In MMOs, the player who knows everything about the game and has some of the best characters and gun skins is a pro player. Sometimes, skins do not matter, but skills do every time. Do it every time. We provide 50+ free fire ids with their passwords so that you are not missing out on the benefits without DJ Alok and Dragon Ak. Using this account, you can log in to Free Fire and enjoy the collections that come with it.


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FF Account ID 2022 Issues Fixed in New Update

There have been numerous reports of issues related to people’s account logins, such as changing their passwords or entering them incorrectly. Since this error used to occur because the lists of accounts were never updated, the old lists have been removed, and new ones have been added. This problem should be solved now that you can use these accounts again.

  • We have added new usernames and passwords to our list of user ids.
  • So that we will not be subject to changes by anyone in the future, passwords are included in this.
  • We also made it easier to request accounts using the new request form.
  • Every comment will be able to be replied to directly by you.

Get a free fire ID and password today! 2022

Free fire id and password-free 2022 with in-game rewards are something that many players desire. IDs and passwords have been given to you to facilitate this Fire, which can be used in 2022 to redeem various prizes in the game.

Free fire Id Password Contain Rewards

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Freefireproaccount9                                       908#787hVGgroup Joker bundle

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As far as I know, you can not change your free fire character ID. You can, however, change the password for your account on Free Fire.

How to change your Free Fire ID and password?

If you created the free fire account from your Facebook account, you would need to reset the password of your Facebook account. It is essential to realize that your Free Fire account password will also be changed automatically if you change your Facebook account password.

It is impossible to change the free guest account password.

Don’t forget to reset your passwords every three months to safeguard your free-fire account from hackers. It would be best to change your account’s password linked to Free fire Firey for three months. Fire Safeguard free fire accounts from hackers.

How to log into a free fire ID

Logging into the free-fire will allow you to use your Facebook account as your login. Additionally, you can create an account for a guest or use the Facebook account as your login. I suggest you know some friends who have free fire accounts that can give them to you for a few days if you don’t have one already.

  1. You can open a free fire account at Garena.
  2. You will find two options on the login page, go ahead and choose the one you prefer.
  3. Then go back and enter your username and password after selecting the login method. Your account will be successfully logged in after that.

Take note that the username and password entered must be correct. If you repeatedly enter the wrong username and password, you will not be able to log into your account again for ten minutes.

You will receive two free fire ids and passwords and unlimited diamonds.

  • Here is a list of some of the most popular free fire IDs and passwords. There are mainly two types of devices in this list: those in working condition and those that have expired. Please make sure they are in working order before using them. If you are a member of Free Fire, you can gift items from the FF store to your main account since FF provides these IDs only for a short period. Your password will be changed automatically after several days. Also, you will be able to receive a fresh Facebook ID by simply commenting down below.
  • We will be deleting this ID and password in a certain amount of time because it is only for testing purposes. Then log in as fast as you can to your free Fire account and gift all the items you need to that account. Make sure you check out the Free Fire diamond generator we have below.

How to receive two free Fire IDs and passwords as well as unlimited diamonds

Here is a list of some of the most popular free fire IDs and passwords. There are mainly two types of devices in this list: those in working condition and those that have expired. Please make sure they are in working order before using them. If you are a member of Free Fire, you can gift items from the FF store to your main account. This is because FF provides these IDs only for a short period. Your password will be changed automatically after several days. Also, you will be able to receive a fresh Facebook ID by simply commenting down below.

We will be deleting this ID and password in a certain amount of time because it is only for testing purposes. Then log in as fast as you can to your free Fire account and gift all the items you need to that account. Make sure you check out the Free Fire diamond generator we have below.

How to search for a free fire ID

One of the most delicate features of Free Fire is its ID search feature, which is one of its most attractive features. This feature allows users to easily search for a friend’s fire id without entering their social profile IDs. Furthermore, you may search for a friend’s free Garena account simultaneously. Upon finding the account you wish to add a friend, you may send them a message. Upon seeing the performance, if you want to add a friend, you may go to the Garena Free Fire Game and start playing the Garena FF Game.

  1. Upon clicking on one of the few friends’ icons, you can add them.
  2. You do this by clicking the “Add” button.
  3. When you have clicked on the “Input Nickname” button, a new window will open. When you press the “Input Nickname” button, a new window will open.
  4. Please click on the search icon displayed at the top of the page.

The top search page will show you a lot of pro players’ IDs after you use the search feature—your search result page. Additionally, you can search for an id by entering their character id or by entering their nickname. With this feature, you will get the free ids of players from the SK Sambir and The Boss guilds.

Free Fire accounts come with their unique character, nine digits long. A Freefire account with more than nine characters is more likely to be a fake account.

It is possible to hack a fire ID for free.

Many articles are available on the internet on how to hack your free fire id, but most of them are very dangerous, not just for you but also for your smartphone. Unfortunately, cheats don’t work in games like Free Fire anymore. Therefore, we are asking you to include them in the game. It would be best if you had them in the game. We do not intend to use any hacking methods like free fire id hacks. The use of free fire id hacks may result in you getting banned.

An app that can hack your fire id and password for free

There have been several comments from you guys discussing the free fire id and password hack apk, and there have also been some websites claiming to provide free fire ID and password hack apps from which you can get free fire accounts. That type of app is fake, and it’s not going to work for you.

Fire id and an ID password can’t be hacked legally or safely for free. This method cannot be used under any circumstances. We have already discussed the free fire id and password we discussed previously, and therefore, you can use this instead of the free-fire id I provided. Secondly, all of the free-fire passwords and IDs available on the site are in good working order, and we are committed to keeping them up to date as new releases of free Fire come out. 

Even tho you can find many articles online describing how to hack your Fire ID, you must keep in mind that these articles are more dangerous than you can imagine, as they can harm your smartphone.

In January 2022, our Free Fire ID, rankings, K/D ratio, and earnings for PVS Gaming can be found here.

  • A global fan base has been created around Free Fire, and content created around the game has attracted a large following in many world regions. In response, numerous players have become dominant by accumulating a massive user base across various platforms for sharing videos.
  • As a leading Tamil-language content creator with over 2.18 million subscribers, his videos have been viewed over 260 million times on YouTube, with an average of around 500 views per video.

Ajju Bhai Free Fire Id And Stats

Raju Bhai’s free-fire id is 338139383

Raju Bhai has performed 9894 squad plays and has appeared successful in 2327 of them, presenting his win rate of 26.49%. Man must rack up 324662 kills in particular events by a K/D ratio like 5.18.

The content producer has 483 Booyahs in 4523 duo events, turning to a success rate of 15.18%. He owns 9000 kills on each K/D ratio of 3.74 meanwhile, here mode.

Ajju Bhai has also performed 5691 solo matches and has triumphed in 806, keeping a success percentage of 25.05%. By 28801 kills in certain games, man has a K/D ratio of 5.72.

There are a few other ways to get free accounts for Fire Fire.

To participate in the free fire game, some features will enable you to get rare free fire accounts and free fire IDs and passwords. The other thing that can be unlocked by using these features is the elite pass rewards from the first to the 43rd season of the Free Fire, which are ongoing.

Most professional, free Fire gathers account IDs and passwords using these methods, and we also use these methods to collect account IDs and passwords. The new age update was released in the latest version of the Fire fire game, which gave players these features. It should be noted that guests will not be able to access these features because this is a guest account.

You have to connect your free Fire account with your Facebook account to use these features. Then you have to reach level 10 in the game to use these features. Afterward, you can use the features provided below to collect free fire accounts using the features provided.

Many groups share fire ID passwords for free on WhatsApp. The purpose of these groups is to obtain free IDs and passwords for a week of the rare free Fire accounts by joining those groups. A list of such groups has been provided here, and you can join them.

Channels for buying and Telegram free Fire accounts: Telegram is a platform for messaging. On Telegram, there are many channels that post-free FireFire accounts for sale daily. Thus these telegram channels are an excellent way to acquire some of the rarest fire accounts on free FireFire.

To purchase a free fire account through Telegram, you need to choose a free fire account from their list of available versions and then send the free fire account ID screenshots to the channel’s admin. These admins will share the price of the account, and once you have paid the amount, the admin will send you your Username and Password, and then you can start using that free fire account we have just given you forever.

The giveaways are conducted in various ways: Every live streamer will offer a giveaway of a free account on the Fire platform. By taking part in their giveaways, you can easily win free fire accounts without doing extra work. Lokesh Gamer mainly manages giveaways related to free fire accounts. If you are interested in receiving updates about their upcoming giveaway campaigns, subscribe to their Youtube channel.

The player has many friends to have in-game communications with others. In-game chat features such as Messenger and Voice Discussion allow you to solicit your friends for the sale of their free fire accounts. After that, you can directly buy their history when they decide to sell it when they wish to sell it. In addition, if your friends are also playing free FireFire, you might even be able to get their free fire Id and password just by asking them.

 Graded stats

Ajju has performed 30 team matches in the popular ranked period and has got on four times, interpreting to a success rate of 13.33%. He has 114 frags at a K/D ratio of 4.38 in this mode.

The YouTuber has also played eight ranked duo matches and has triumphed in a single game, maintaining a win rate of 12.5%. He has 25 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.57.

Sanju has performed 16 ranked song games and has achieved 58 kills on a K/D ratio of 4.20.

(Notes: These stats within this article obtained written at the time of typing. They are subjected to increase virtually the content originator remains to play more extra matches in Free Fire ID.)

About Ajju Bhai Free Fire Id And Youtube Channel

The most excellent video on Sanju s YouTube channel was posted in January 2018. Since the meeting, he has published more further than 600 videos on his channel. Man has completed 13 million subscribers and more than 840 million views connected.

Final Thoughts

Free Fire is the most famous battle royale game in Asian countries and has been around for some time. The Free Fire game contains many items, such as bundles, elite passes, emotes, skins for weapons, and vehicles, and everybody is looking to acquire them. But developing these items is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of skills, diamonds, and patience. So, to begin their journey of being a gamer, new players who just started playing Free Fire search for the Free Fire login id and password to gain entry into the game. 

We discussed the latest free fire id and passwords. Additionally, we have listed ways to obtain free fire accounts and passwords without any effort by mentioning some approaches. Our post on how to get a free Fire ID and password has hopefully helped you get a free Fire account for yourself. You must recheck the list of performances every week, as the list of charges is refreshed every week. 

Whenever you have questions or queries, please do not hesitate to connect with us, and if you need the latest forums with their passwords, please do not hesitate to comment below. Here is the link where you can download the Gloo walls skin. 


How can I get a free Fire ID?

  • It is possible to check your Free Fire ID by clicking the profile button on the top left corner of the Free Fire platform. You will get the name of your Free Fire ID and the character ID that you have created for Free Fire. A copy button is also available on the page to make a copy of it.

Which is the best ID in Free Fire?

  • Could you please tell me what the game’s name you refer to?
  • Tags for Freefire
  • This free fire name generator is designed exclusively for boys. Free

What is the ID number for Free Fire?

  • The ID number, name, and other information of Action Bolt’s Free Fire
  • Action Bolt is Anup Mondal, an Indian YouTuber and content creator who is best known for creating videos on his channel. 88651465, Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID number, is used to identify them.

What is AJJU Bhai Free Fire ID?

  • Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID is 451012596

What is an RL player ID?

  • The Roblox ID, also known as the ID, is a tracking source when players, groups, assets, and items are grouped and created. You can see your ID number from the URL on the page for a player, group, investment, or thing.

What is the headshot rate for Ajjubhai?

  • With 11628 squad matches to his name, Ajjubhai has enjoyed success in 2824 contests, retaining a win percentage of 24.28% for the entire season. With a K/D ratio of 4.97 and a headshot rate of 35.29%, he has racked up 43746 kills and 15440 headshots, representing a combined kills-to-death rate of 43.746 15440 headshots.



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