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Ajju Bhai Gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, moreover Free fire stats in March 2021 Ajju Gamer’s is a modern Free Fire ID Content producer from Indonesia. At the time of work, the boy has 772k supporters approaching his YouTube channel. That article gets a glimpse at his Free Fire stats, K/D ratio, including more extra.

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Ajju bhai free fire id and stats

ajju bhai free fire id is 338139383

ajju bhai has performed 9894 squad plays and has appeared successful in 2327 of them, presenting his win rate of 26.49%. Man must rack up 324662 kills in particular events, by a K/D ratio like 5.18.

The content producer has 483 Booyahs in 4523 duo events, turning to a success rate of 15.18%. He owns 9000 kills on each K/D ratio of 3.74 meanwhile here mode.

Ajju Bhai has also performed 5691 solo matches and has triumphed in 806 of them, keeping a success percentage of 25.05%. By 28801 kills in certain games, man has a K/D ratio of 5.72.

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 Graded stats

Ajju has performed 30 team matches in the popular ranked period and has got on four times, interpreting to a success rate of 13.33%. He has 114 frags at a K/D ratio of 4.38 in this mode.

The YouTuber has also played eight ranked duo matches and has triumphed in a single game, maintaining a win rate of 12.5%. He has 25 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.57.

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Sanju has performed 16 ranked song games and has achieved 58 kills on a K/D ratio of 4.20.

(Notes: These stats within this article obtained written at the time of typing. They are subjected to increase virtually the content originator remains to play more extra matches in Free Fire ID.)

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About Ajju Bhai free fire id and YouTube channel

The most excellent video on Sanju,s YouTube channel was posted in January 2018. Since the meeting, he has posted more further than 600 videos on his channel. Man has completed 13 million subscribers and more further than 840 million views connected.

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