Free Fire: How To Call Friend Back In Booyah’s ‘call The Troop[Add Cod Mobile] Cookie Run

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Free Fire Friend; Booyah’s Day! brought several events to Free Fire, among them the “Call the Troop,” which rewards players who invite friends back into the game.

  • On Saturday (20), Free Fire hosted “Chama a Tropa.” In it, players invite back friends who haven’t logged in for more than a week in the game. The promotion is part of Booyah Day! And is available until the following Monday (29). With this, players and guests earn rewards. The more people who return to Garena’s Battle Royale, the more tips the person who invites receives. In total, it is possible to obtain up to 10 Diamond Tickets and 16 Florida Packages, in addition to Machete Booyah.


Garena Free Fire Space


How to Play Garena Free Fire With Friends

  • Let us guide you in playing with your friends in Garena Free Fire. To complete this plan, you will have to get your friends by transmitting them an invitation, having them assume it, and then selecting a multiplayer tournament mode.
  • To recreate with friends in Garena Free Fire, the first something you ought to do is count them into your account. To accomplish that, you have two choices. From the entry, wipe the Invite switch in the right-hand intersection.

A menu will be shown from the flank of the screen. Tap on Add Friends.

  • The replacement window is a list of participants. You can dab on the + icon to each participant’s freedom to add them as a buddy, though if you enjoy adding detailed friends, tap on the participant finder at the base and style in their name.
  • Drum on the + symbol to send them an invitation.
  • When they receive, they will occur in your reference list, both on the Game Friends tab.

How to Add Friends in COD Mobile

  • COD Mobile is one of the fastest-growing methods on the mobile platform. The method has crossed the ‘100 million downloads’ mark in just nine months.
  • There’s no fun in playing a battle royale game without friends. Like almost every other game of this genre, COD Mobile enables the players to add friends and play with them. In this article, we talk about how the players can add friends in COD Mobile.

How To Add Friends In Free Fire

  • Participants would have to mind the steps shown below to add friends to the play.
  • Step 1: Open Free Fire and tick on the ‘Friends’ hero current on the top of the primary menu.
  • Step 2: The inventory of in-game companions extends up. Click on the ‘ADD’ account.
  • Step 3: Click on the tracking streak and examine the individual users operating their Free Fire ID or IGN.
  • Step 4: Currently, stuff on the ‘+’ icon to transmit a friend bid.
  • Once they receive the proposal, they will be counted to the in-game friend’s list.

How To Add Friends In Cookie Run

  • Cookie Run: Kingdom is an activity RPG marker where the player begins as Ginger Brave Cookie, the protagonist. The play has a party-based technique that includes cookies that participants can unclose throughout the competition.
  • There are better than 750 cookies you can unclose in the play by recreating the movement method (story) or removing from the Gacha, where per attraction commands 800 crystals. The competition presents cookies in four abnormalities: Typical, Occasional, Epic, and Ancient.

How To Invite In-game Friends In Free Fire

You can invite in-game friends and recreate along flank them into this post.

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire and click on the ‘Invite’ vote gift on the top-right intersection.
  • Step 2: Press on the ‘+’ hero gift beside the necessary participant to send an invite.
  • Step 3: Once they obtain the invitation, they will enter the entrance.
  • Step 4: Choose the needed mode and click on the start regulator to begin a match in Free Fire.

How To Start A Game With Your Friends? 

  • First, you must choose a multiplayer tournament mode. In the proper upper intersection of the entry, tap on this control to set the way. The three available choices will be shown: SoloDuo, and Squad.
  • Picking Duo or Squad will show the flank menu of friends. Wipe on the + icon to count them to the competition, and a game invitation will be shipped.

When Your Friend Receives It, You Can Start Recreating Together.

  • Playing with friends in Garena Free Fire is an attractive option. Please invite your friends for their usernames and form a business battle squad. As you have noticed, you only have to invite them, have them get your invitation, and bring them online to ask them to compete in any of the two multiplayer methods known.

Free Fire: “The Game Became Dropzin” campaign gives codes to players.

  • The player gets a Florida package and the Machete Booyah by calling the first friend back.
  • The rewards improve as more guests return to the game. Check out all the goals and bonuses below.
  • Call a friend back: a Florida and Machete Booyah Package
  • Call three friends back: three Florida Packages and two Diamond Tickets
  • Call five friends back: five Florida Packages and three Diamond Tickets
  • Call seven friends back: seven Florida Packages and five Diamond Tickets

How to invite Free Fire Friend

  • To invite friends back to Free Fire, the player must first click on the friend’s icon in the upper right corner of the main lobby.
  •  Next, select the “Call Back” tab and click on one of the “Call Back” buttons next to the rewards.

Last Recharge Event Of 2021, Check It Out!

  • Garena confirmed through the weekly calendar the next and last recharge event of December; in this next recharge event, Garena will be bringing as its main reward the new brand new backpack skin, called “ruby skull.”
  • The new reload event starts next Thursday (30) after 00H; everyone can participate; supply the amount needed to unlock the rewards.
  • In this new reload event, Garena will also be bringing 3x “Happy 2022” packages as a reward for supplying one diamond; it has not yet informed the content of this new package.

Check out the goals for this new recharge event below:

• Reload 1 Dima: 3x Happy 2022 Packs;

• Reload 300 Dimas: Ruby Skull Backpack.

What Is The Recharge Event?

  • The reload event takes place between 2-3 times a week, where Garena presents players with an item after making a refill of Free Fire diamonds. There is a goal to earn the bonus in Free Fire, and the company stipulates a minimum value in diamonds to redeem each reward.

Recharge Event: Caveira Winged, Check!

  • The new recharge event starts this Thursday (23) after 00H; everyone can participate, recharge the amount needed to unlock the rewards.

Free Fire Friend: “The Game Became Dropzin” Campaign Gives Codes to Players.

  • Action mixes virtual reality with the game and gives boxes containing “codiguins” to be rescued on Garena’s website; see how to register.
  • Free Fire players can redeem “drop-ins,” virtual boxes that contain codes, to earn rewards starting this Tuesday (23rd). The initiative is part of Garena’s “O Jogo Virou” action and will be available until December 3rd.
  • Drop-ins can be obtained by pointing your cell phone at the sky when Garena’s virtual plane passes through your state. Each place has a specific date, according to the calendar below.
  • Free Fire is available for free on Android phones, iPhones (iOS), and PCs via emulators (BlueStacks or LDPlayer).

How to Call a [Free Fire Friend ]Back on Booyah’s ‘Call the Troop.

  • Starting in Acre, Amazonas and Rondônia, the plane will pass through different regions until December 3, when it arrives in the Rio Grande do Sul. See the full calendar below.

Prohibited In Free Fire: Check Six Actions Not To Do In-game

  • These actions can put your account at risk in the Garena battle royale
  • Free Fire Battlegrounds is a great success in Brazil and worldwide. Garena’s Battle Royale, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices, requires signing the Terms of Use to start playing, bringing a series of rules that the player must comply with.
  • Among them are requirements such as not using hacks and not being toxic with other users, which can lead to bans and even loss of account, depending on the case.
  • Next, check out six prohibited actions in Free Fire and the punishments foreseen for each one of them.

Free Fire Friend: How to Redeem Christmas Gift and Earn Diamonds

 Explorar bugs

  • Bugs are viewed similarly to hacks as illegal ways to gain an advantage over other players. An example would be taking advantage of an error that allows the player to hide inside a wall, avoiding being hit.
  • If the player finds a bug, the guideline is not to take advantage of it and always report it to Garena. Otherwise, the user runs the risk of losing his account permanently.

Usar Hacks

  • Any software not owned by Garena or distributed by Garena is considered a hack. In this case, the player is modifying the game or using a modified version of it, having access to functions unavailable in the official version of the game.
  • In this case, the punishment is the immediate ban from the account if the cheating is confirmed. Garena has a zero-tolerance policy for hackers.

Meet The Best Free Fire Friend Players In The World In 2022

See players who did well in 2022 in Garena’s Battle Royale top competitive leagues.

  • The Free Fire competition continued with great strength in 2022, with leagues organized in several regions and the holding of the World Cup in Singapore in May.
  • In Brazil, we had three editions of the Brazilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) and new players appearing on the scene, Mts007, and Syaz.
  • In other strong leagues worldwide, such as Thailand, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and Vietnam, some athletes also shined and became big promises for the coming year.
  • Below, you can check out ten players who stood out in Free Fire in 2022.

World of Free Fire 2021: Garena announces World Series date for May


  • Mateus “Mts007” da Silva was one of the biggest highlights of Brazil in Free Fire. In all editions of the LBFF in 2021, the SS e-Sports player was among the athletes with the highest number of individual kills.
  • In LBFF 4, there were 99 kills and fourth place overall. Then, in LBFF 5, the player reached the mark of 117 kills and second place in the MVP dispute.
  • With an apparent rise in each edition of the LBFF, it was only a matter of time before he reached the MVP title. And it was at LBFF 6, with an impressive 136 kills, he has crowned the best player in the league.
  • His performances were also crowned with the trophy for Best Free Fire Athlete at the eSports Brazil 2021 Award.


  • The young Gabriel “Syaz” Vasconcelos appeared in the competition in January 2021 as one of the best of Fluxo, Bruno “Nobru” Goes’ team. The athlete made good on the bet, quickly showing promising results and standing out on the Brazilian and international scene.
  • Syaz won the LBFF 4 title, became the MVP at LBFF 5, reaching 132 kills in total. The Brazilian was also the third player with the highest average of kills at the Free Fire World Cup in Singapore and ended 2021 taking the revelation of the year trophy by the eSports Brazil Award.

World of Free Fire 2022: Garena announces World Series date for May

Participating teams will be decided in the coming months in regional leagues

  • Garena announced this Wednesday (10) the dates of the Free Fire World Series 2022 (FFWS 2022), the Free Fire world. The qualifiers will take place on May 14th, while the grand final is scheduled for the 21st of the same month.
  • The participating teams will be defined in the coming months during the leagues of the central competitive regions. It is worth noting that the developer has not yet revealed details about the award or the country that will host the event.
  • The competition will return after the edition that would take place at the end of 2021 has been canceled due to the advance of the pandemic.

Lbff 6: B4 Esports Is Champion Of The Competition And Confirms A Good Stage In The League

  • This will be the third edition of the Free Fire Friend World Series. The last world championship took place in Singapore in May 2021 and was championed by Phoenix Force from Thailand, which took home part of the US$ 2 million (approximately R$ 11 million) prize pool.
  • This edition also had the participation of Brazilian LOUD, runner-up, and Fluxo, fourth. By the way, the competition had audience records on several platforms. Esports Charts’ peak of views was 5.4 million, the highest in e-sports history.
  • The first FFWS took place in November 2019 at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park. The event had the presence of heavy Brazilian fans at the venue and the participation of Corinthians and LOUD.
  • It was a competition much more disputed than the May 2021 edition, but to the delight of the Brazilian fans, Corinthians confirmed the title after the last disputed fall.

LBFF 6 Hearing

  • In addition to the FFWS announcement in 2022, Garena also released the numbers of the audience reached in the final of the Brazilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) 6, on October 30th.
  • The decision, which had B4 as champion, reached a peak of 599 thousand simultaneous viewers, adding the platforms YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and BOOYAH!, in addition to an average of 174 thousand people.
  • The falls were also broadcast by the pay-TV channel Space, which reached 340 thousand people and 0.71 audience points, making it the most-watched among people aged 12 to 24 years.

With information from esports

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  • LBFF Access Group: GOD United, Wizard’s Troop, Havan, and Royal go to the elite
  • Free Fire: CPN 6, ex-Copa Nobru, will have a 4×4 tournament with an emulator and mobile
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  • With information from esports
  • See tips for female Free Fire Friend nicknames on the TechTudo Forum
  • LBFF Access Group: GOD United, Wizard’s Troop, Havan, and Royal go to the elite
  • Free Fire: CPN 6, ex-Copa Nobru, will have a 4×4 tournament with an emulator and mobile

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