Free Fire Characters In Real Life

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Fire, a deadly weapon that is both beautiful and dangerous. It can create and destroy, inspire fear or safety. One of the most powerful elements on earth. In this article, we will talk about the Free Fire Characters Real Life from the popular game Free Firee to survive!

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Character,s List Step By Step

Naruto Character

The first character on our list is one of the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe, Uchiha Madara. It is believed by many that he may in fact be immortal. He brought together all five great ninja villages to fight against each other in war, leaving behind a ticking time bomb for future generations! His fire Jutsu could cause small explosions through his hands, but he is far more famous for his ability to harden his fire into a weapon, most notably the sword of black flames. He also has the power to control people by grabbing their faces and causing them pain or killing them with a simple touch.

Kyo Kusanagi Character 

Kyo Kusanagi from The King Of Fighters is an unbeatable master of flames. His fire, while not his most powerful weapon, is still deadly in its own right. Kyo’s ability to control blue flames is used mainly for summoning other mythical creatures to help him defeat his foes! On the other hand, he can harden his fire into a sword to destroy anything in its path! For example, he once burned down an entire building with a sword made of blue flames! In the fighting games, he is capable of shooting out his flame from a distance, but it appears that Kyo can only use this ability in fire mode.

Yu Yu Hakusho Character 

Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the most powerful characters to grace the pages and screen of both manga and anime. He is able to bend the flames of hell itself to his will, controlling their movement with ease! Most commonly he would make them into a sword or spear, but on rare occasions has been known to form different weapons with his fire Jutsu!

Wolverine Character 

When most people think about Wolverine they immediately jump to Hugh Jackman as the actor that plays him, but there is another Wolverine from an anime series called “Lone Wolf and Cub”, which actually has 2 versions. In both versions, he uses fire as a weapon against his foes! First of all, we have Ogami Itto who is a Samurai, a character class with a history dating back hundreds of years.

Ogami Character

Ogami has an affinity for fire, he can use his sword to light them up and even shoot flame bullets out of his gun! He can also take control of any kind of fire that is around him.

Daigoro Character

The second version is Itto’s son Daigoro who has the exact same abilities as his father except he is much weaker and has a lighter. He must protect his father and fight the enemies with his small stature, yet he is still able to overcome any foe! Truly an inspiring story about family.

These are only 2 examples of characters who use fire as a weapon, there are tons more in video games, anime and even real life!  Feel free to share your opinions on the article or have a discussion in the comment section below.


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