Download Free Fire APK: Booyah Day APK for Android 2023

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Free fire Apk is an individual of several popular fight royale games on the android mobile platform. The play has won many honors, including the Mobile Entertainment of the Year by the Esports Awards 2022. The developers of this play routinely include a vast assortment of features.

On 11th January, the OB26 update obtained turned out. Jesus free fire users can attack unique new features that have been attached to the game. Athletes can download this OB26 update through this site because of the game link available here.

We will provide you with a step-by-step pattern on how the members can download and (install) this most advanced OB26 update on your device through the APK file.

Free Fire Download For PC Windows Ten-Game Loop

  • GameLoop, produced by the Tencent workroom, allows you to play Android video games on your PC. That installer downloads its emulator forward with the Free Fire videogame, which can be performed in Windows by accommodating its administration system to your console and rodent. There are no particular skills needed considering it installs everything demanded to play automatically.
  • The advancement of Free Fire is quite similar to virtually any different battle royale such as PUBG or Fortnite. All contestants have to bounce off horizontally with an umbrella and land on an island. As soon as you arrive, you have to run throughout the island to get weapons while different opponents also engage you. Plus, it would help if you were careful because the island’s force field will keep getting more inadequate and more diminutive. If it relinquishes you, it’ll be competition over for you. Fortunately, you can also use channels if you’re ever left following.
  • The main discrepancy between Free Fire and additional recreations of the same kind is that there are ‘only’ 50 contestants alternatively of the standard 100. As you may now believe, the continuation of the games will be tailored respectively. Alternatively of satisfying thirty times, most competitions will last about 15 times. If you honestly think about it, when you play an eligible competition of PUBG, you can play two tournaments of Free Fire.
  • Free Fire is a clash royale that allows a holiday and addictive gaming activity. As you container sees in the screenshots, the game has fewer important visuals than other entertainment, which is not fundamentally a bad idea. Gratitude to its simple visuals, this game works absolutely on low-powered computers.

What’s Free Fire Apk New in 4nniversary 3.64.1 APK Update

  1. Clash Squad Season 0 – Begins 
  2. Current 3.64.1 Method “Lone Wolf” – Free soon!
  3. Professionals can now demand items from teammates in Clash Squad.
  4. New Weapon – AC80 immediately possible in all methods.
  5. Weapon Stats organization.
  6. Character Balancing Adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.
  7. The modish drag-to-run security is calculated in the settings table.
  8. Presently users can Adjust rank meanings estimates in the Battle Royale (Ranked).
  9. The most modern lobby map is now possible.

Free Fire Apk Only

Ambush, snipe, persevere; there is only one purpose: to persevere. [Endurance shooter in its unmodified form] Seek for weapons, stay in the entertainment zone, and rifle your competitors.

About Free Fire Apk Download v1 43  Apkpure

Clash Squad will promptly be destroyed enduringly!
2. Supplementary weapon – Desert Eagle is now accessible in Clash Squad.
3. New Character – Not
4. Decreased the challenge to destroy characters.
5. New Advanced Attachment for Kar98k, Vss, furthermore M14.
6. The Anti-material launcher is presently an inconsiderable weapon.
7. Number page UI improvement.
8. Professionals can now place labels on things for their teammates.
9. Dynamic climate is now possible in Classic mode.
10. Winterlands is happening soon!

Free Fire Apk Download 2023: Main Features

The features of the Garena Free Fire competition are as follows:

  • Garena: Free Fire will present PUBG in a ferocious contest as the competition is entirely motivated by PUBG. You have different weapons and channels available to fight toward all the probabilities to persevere on the island.
  • It has become clear directions: on the starboard side, there are buttons to ignite, crouch, lie underneath, and plunge, while on the left-hand side of the screen, professionals will have the practical d-pad to establish their character. Players will get different hardware and vehicles on the battleground to communicate with them. They require to empty the button that resembles onscreen.
  • There are different characters and weapons possible for the players in the tournament. M500 revolver is an original weapon, and Maxim the Glutton is an original figure you will gain in the game. There are other new elements like different pressure scanners etc.
  • Players can accompany a combination of 50 players, and the campaign will last for 10 seconds. It is all concerning continuation, and the most suitable one will only persist. So explain all your battle movements and policies so that you can survive between all those professionals on that island.
  • There is a sound chat in the amusement. You can compose a four-person company and practice that voice chat feature in the recreation. Now you can quickly tell your squad through a voice chat.

Best Infographic of This Game 

infographic card of weapon

Free Fair Downloading Process 

The athletes need both APK also OBB files to download this free fire apk  OB26 update. Download links are available here for both files. This APK game file size is 40 MB, while the OBB file capacity is 520 MB. Therefore, players’ requirements guarantee there is sufficient space in their media ere downloading this file.

Follow All Steps One By One To Complete Downloading Process.

  1. Download the Fri fayer APK file one also OBB files from the download link from this article. The size of the fire-free file is 40 MB, including the OBB file size is 520 MB.
  2. Find suddenly plus install free fir APK. Allow the ‘Install of private reference’ right ere the installation.
  3. Finally, follow the free fire uptodown OBB file to ‘Android fire Garena Build a folder including this name if there is not one previously present.
  4. Professionals can use working out the latest features following free fire battlegrounds OBB files are represented.

Free Fire Apk OB26 Update Weapon 

Mod apk free for OB26 is permanently here. It is prepared with lots of new and exciting free fair features, including different jeu free fire weapons, enhanced practice grounds, social method updates, also the latest improvement devices, and much more.

Contestants can download this app free fire telecharger OB26 update from here also Apple App Store; but, they will be ready to encounter the new application only after the preservation ends.

Aside from combining new free-fire – battleground weapons like the Mag-7 Shotgun plus Knife, the developers have created significant developments by improving special free-fire APC weapons, also nerfing some of them. The professionals can download it from here after reading the complete apk fire OB26 application notes.

Let’s pay attention to the excellent of the different ferr fire weapons also record into the free fire game download apk OB26 update.

Download Garena Free Fire on pc with Bluestacks

Download and install BlueStacks on your PC · Build Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later · Look for Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire Rampage Apk Download Sections

  •  Clash Squad Season 8 – Starts 08/05 17:00 GMT+8
  • Brand-new 1v1 Style “Lone Wolf” – Open soon!
  •  Professionals can now demand items from teammates in Clash Squad.
  • New Weapon – AC80 is now possible in all methods.
  • Defense Stats organization
  • Character Balancing Adjustment for Jota, Luqueta, Shani, and Alvaro.
  • Continued drag-to-run selection in the settings menu.
  • Modified status points predictions in the Battle Royale (Ranked).
  • Brand brand-new antechamber scheme available.

Free Fire Apk update Weapon

weapon balance

Latest Weapon – MAG-7

The application notes declare the following regarding MAG-7.

 MAG-7 gun

MAG-7 will arrange for the first shotgun to extend into the application. With its super high speed of fire, this statement will be very harmful in confidential area battles.

This MAG-7 Shotgun command is possible in the Classic, including Clash Squad mode. Hither are the stats on the threat.

Foundation Damage: 20
Magazine: 10
Rate of Fire: 0.6
Additions: Government, Property

Free Fire knife 

free fire knife

The professionals will be ready to practice the various throwable Jeux de free fire Knife in that Classic (Casual also Ranked) Some stats of Fri fayre knife stand as regards Base Damage: 50 Ammo: 4 Rate of Fire: 0.6 Shield Entrance: 100%.

Best Vector

This Vector has been about as OB25 but got a Nerf.
best vector weapon
This Vector was attached to the friar OB25 update, including this update has taken a Nerf in the duration of Destruction, Correctness, also Range.

Minimum Damage: -2

Highest Range in Akimbo: -6

Correctness in Akimbo: -28%


 free fire M41020 gun

Overhead circumstances and with the interest of new weapons, the M1014 shotgun has shifted a little old-fashioned, and consequently, its Waste and Rate of Attack have been developed by;

Fri fayr Smallest Damage: +4

Valuation of free fire Jeux Telecharge: +9%


free fire battleground M1887 weapon has taken a nerf in the highest range, producing it exciting to one-shot the competitors in the medium field. Maximum Range: -4%

Parsifal Fri Faire Weapon


This Parsifal is an AR that continued included in this OB24 update. The rifle range has decreased while the recoil has continued to develop. Aside from that, the manual addition slot has been killed.

  • Recoil: +6%
  • Maximum Range: -11%

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