How To Equip Emotes in Free Fire 2020

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Hey, guys. I am back again to bring you a guide on how to Equip Emotes in Free Fire 2020 because it’s bound to be a little different from last time.

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How to Equip Emotes in Free Fire 2019 -2018/2019

As of recent updates, the equipment has been added to this game which means that you can have emotes equipped to your character, just like in the older versions.

The thing is that there are a lot more emotes than before, which provides you with more customization for your favourite emote! The new emotes allow you to do many different things ranging from flashy dances to eating food off the floor.

The emotes are more fun to use in gameplay because they can save you from being killed or even help save your team from impending death. Emotes have been added to the game for a long time now, and they can be rather crucial in certain situations. In this guide, I will tell you how to equip and use emotes.

First, you will need to open up your lobby and go to the character customization page. Here you can see a list of emotes that your character knows how to do. The characters that have to emote cards equipped will perform those respective emotes when given a chance because there is a cool-down.

In this case, the character in the video known as Steve currently has a ready-to-use emote card equipped because he knows how to do a specific emote well enough that it is considered his speciality. If you have a character with an emote card provided, you can press “T” at any time to perform that emote.

How to Equip Locked Emotes in free fire

Some time ago, I found out something exciting about the new feature called “emotes.”
I figured I’d better share this info because it’s already been a week, and maybe someone else never knew this.
We could not figure out how to equip locked emotes in free fire and other games as well.
They will give you a code to use with your Roblox account.

How to Equip Locked Emotes in free fire
You don’t need an email or anything like that, as long as the password is correct and you make sure it’s Roblox Studio.
(PS: This method does work on Free Fire; however, the emotes I received this way do not work when you are in BR mode.)
So, here’s what I did to get my emotes.
First, click the “hamburger” icon on the top-right corner of Studio–the one next to the hand.
Click any emote that is not equipped and then click “Export” beside the big green arrow.
You will get a code that you can use with your Roblox account to get the locked emote.
Importing the emote only works if you have it unlocked on Roblox.
Once exported, I used this code: WSWY5-1QRJR-M2WF3

How to Equip Emotes in free fire 2019

What if you don’t have an emote card equipped, though? There is a way for you to learn emotes and get them ready to use in the future. If your character knows how to do an emote, you will be able to see it listed in the “dance” section of that character.

Equip Emotes

In this case, if Steve wanted to learn an emote that he isn’t familiar with, then he could go into his dance list and press on a specific emote. After selecting one from his list, Steve could equip it onto his emote deck and learn how to use it.

You will see a progress bar for each emote that you try to learn. Once the progress bar is complete, you can use that emote whenever you want, just by pressing “T” during gameplay. You do not have to equip the emote card onto your character if you do not wish to.

But What Emotes can My Character Learn?

There are many different ones that your character can learn, and it is entirely up to you if you want to unlock more emotes and use them whenever you like. Some emote cards help you learn specific emotes faster or at a higher level than others may be able to if they were to try and understand it by themselves.

For example, Steve can learn the “Rocket Launcher” dance faster if he uses one of his emote cards because it helps his dance level increase. The higher your character’s dance level, the faster you can learn emotes.

I recommend learning all of them as fast as possible, though, especially if you want to do emotes at a good time.

How to Equip Emotes in Free Fire 2018

Now that you know how to equip emotes for your character in the future, I hope that you enjoyed this guide and learned something new about emotes in Free Fire 2020. If your character knows all of the emotes in the game, then it is time for you to become a true legend!

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