How to get new scarf skin – Death Bite mask in the free fire?

Hello dear, We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our post, in which we will discuss an important update that can only be discovered very rarely in our game. Have you noticed that some of the things in our contest are becoming more scarce? What exactly does those consist of? However, the most precious object of all the products is a scarf’s skin, even though it includes many other things. Therefore, a mask, commonly worn as a scarf and conceals a player’s mouth and neck, tends to be one of the rare items in the accessible fire mode. Death Bite mask

Death Bite mask FREE FIRE

This means that today’s post will cover the same ground as yesterday’s, in which we will state an article based on a new event and describe how players can obtain a new scarf skin and a Death Bite mask while playing free fire. A scarf is a common item, but many players are under the impression that they cannot use it to create bundles. However, those fascinated by how fortunes can be combined can understand its significance. So get ready because this piece will be specifically dedicated to those of you who adore scarves just as I do.

How can I obtain a new scarf skin and the Death Bite mask when playing free fire?

Since fewer scarf skins are available, this item is the only one in the entire history of Free Fire to be one-of-a-kind and exceptionally rare. If we go back to all of the times we have been allowed to purchase a scarf skin, we might realize that the vast majority of the time, the scarf skin was part of a pop-up event. As before, an all-new top-up event with the brand-new scarf skin in the accessible fire mode was made available to us. This time around, the event followed the same pattern. Stay with us, and we will walk you through getting a new scarf skin and the Death Bite mask in the accessible fire mode.

How to obtain a new scarf skin – Dread Bitmask in free fire – information.

As we have previously announced, a brand new pop-up event has just been introduced on our Indian server, and it comes with a brand-new scarf skin. The name of this particular top-up event is the Death Bite Top-up Event. This event has two different things: one is set to the threshold of diamonds top-up for 100 diamonds, while the other is set to the point for 500 diamonds.

 Death Bite mask in the free fire

A new gun skin is available for the Trogon, which can be purchased for one hundred diamonds. And when you reach the threshold of 500 diamonds, the scarf skin will become available. Following this, we will outline the actions that need to be completed by you. How can I obtain a new scarf skin and the Death Bite mask when playing free fire?

Important Steps: Death Bite mask

  • Join the game by logging in.
  • Attend the topping-off event.
  • Click on the 5000 bar marked with a banner to receive 5100 diamonds to acquire the scarf skin new.
  • You will be taken to Google Play in the middle of the screen.
  • Continue to make payments of 5000 yen and then return here.
  • Proceed to the top-up event, where you can claim the scarf skin known as the Death Bite Mask.
  • Take pleasure in both your prize and the sum of 5000 gems.

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