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A fascinating action game for Android and iOS is called BIMA X MOD APK. You may put together various game components to create new characters. You can also take pleasure in thrilling combat and action. You will have to battle a variety of foes in this game. Players can also unlock all characters in the brand-new Heroes Mode by eliminating every adversary in every stage. Players can also take pleasure in the action and thrill of the game in numerous other ways. Campaign Mode, Survival Mode, and more options are among these modes. You’ll have to combat your adversary in this game by employing Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan as your allies.


The renowned studio BIMA created the game BIMA X MOD APK. Since its release, the game has been downloaded more than a million times, making it one of the most played games. The game offers a lot of thrilling elements: Assembling equipment and acquiring new characters. Take part in action-packed combat. In the New Heroes Mode, you can defeat every enemy by yourself. You can also train your personality. This game has a new hero mode and a survivor mode. In the survival mode, you must engage in combat with your foe while using Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan as your allies. You will also receive various tools and weaponry to aid you in action.


On both iOS and Android smartphones, you may play this role-playing action game. Players can select from more than 50 heroes from the “Xena: Warrior Princess” TV series in this free game. In a multiplayer online setting, users will engage in real-time fights against monsters with up to five other players. It was created by Crave Entertainment, a studio known for famous video games inspired by series like “The Walking Dead” and “Walking Dead: Our World.”

Assemble items and get new characters

The BIMA X is an excellent game for putting together characters. This mod apk is free to try if you want new characters. By accumulating things and eliminating adversaries in the game, you can unlock new characters. You must combine items and weapons properly to accomplish that. This game is excellent for putting together characters. This mod apk is free to try if you want new characters. By gathering items and eliminating enemies, you can unlock new characters. You must combine items and weapons properly to accomplish that.

Bim x features

Enjoy thrilling battles and action.

You can play this game to take part in exhilarating combat and excitement. To gain new characters after beating adversaries, you must enjoy the rush. You can play this game in various ways, including single-player warfare mode and multiplayer mode (you can play with your friends). The user-friendly design of this game enables them to easily control their characters while they battle.

New Heroes Mode

This involves more than just playing the game; it also involves gaining access to the brand-new Heroes Mode and engaging in single-player combat with every foe. Here, you may unlock every character, increase your team’s equipment and weapons, develop your personalities, and destroy every enemy. Every level in this mode has a difficulty setting that gets harder as you progress through the game. Before beginning an adventure with your favorite characters, you have various options.

Defeat all enemies

The goal is to eliminate every enemy. You can utilize your characters’ skills, in-game goods, and weaponry. It’s essential to understand how the characters’ intriguing powers function because they have them. Turn-based combat is the foundation of the game. All adversaries can be defeated using your characters’ skills, items, and weapons—understanding how the battle system works won’t take long because it’s relatively straightforward.

Upgrade items and weapons: BIMA X MOD APK

Your gear and weaponry will be upgradeable. You need a specific number of resources to accomplish this. You can gain access to various resources throughout the game by defeating foes or completing tasks. They are also available as prizes for exclusive occasions hosted by the game’s creators. Once you have enough resources, choose one weapon or equipment that requires upgrading by going to the “Upgrade” section in your inventory. Then click on it once more to boost its stats and raise its strength!

Train your Personalities BIMA X MOD APK

Your personalities will be reflected in the characters you play in Bima X. Each person can strengthen themselves by leveling up and learning new skills. You can train your personalities by using gold or diamonds by selecting the “Train” tab in your profile. Additionally, you can improve your presentation skills with training points. Select the number of points you want your personalities to have prepared by clicking the “Train” button in their profile screen (gold coins or diamonds).

Unlock All Characters

There is a precise process you must go through to unlock every character in the game. This guide will show you how to free up all in-game characters. Additionally, try out our brand-new tool, Game Guardian APK Downloader, if you want to obtain all of an application’s accomplishments. Any game may easily be cracked and unlocked using this technique!


An intriguing notion drives the Android game BIMA X MOD APK. You play a character in a role-playing game that requires you to navigate numerous map levels. The game was created by BIMA STUDIO and can be downloaded free from the Play Store. This post will cover all there is to know about this app and offer advice on how to use it correctly. If you enjoy adventure games, this app is ideal for you because it includes a variety of features that set it apart from other comparable games that are currently available online.


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