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Advance Mini Militia APK online play of papular feature always has power in the gaming market. The Advance Mini Militia APK is one of the best online games. This is full of military action types. So it is good addicting and matchmaking. You can get an idea of past wars,s of different countries by playing this game.

Here we will give you an advance Mini Militia apk. Mini militia game online Play of Doodle Army 2 is all about intense multiplayer combat. Battle with up to 6 players online in this fun 2d carton-themed cross between Soldat and Hola. inspired by the original stickman shooter, doodle army.

Mini militia Play online games very famous and got playing last so many years. The young generation has a great experience to play all the old features, of the doodle army. Players always show power fighting against their enemies during the war. You can download this app in HD categories and also in HD pro.


Go to Game and Download it


This app is available here in the Chinese language and you can also search this line with the mini Chinese game. This is a full merrymaking game for play and download and linked with some social platforms. Players can use new militia guns free in war.

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Advace Mini Militia


mini militia online game icon

This is a pure icon png of this game and is easy to search. You can search the server of this game with this picture.

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App NameAdvance Mini Militia
Current Version5.3.3
Requires Android4.4 and up

Feature of Advance Mini Militia APK

  • mini militia gameplay online is most important for new users to get knowledge about this plan before play. So we will Give some old features of this line for new users. Because all old users,s already have the knowledge of this game.
    what is the meaning of militia?
    The militia is the name of the military of any country but here this word is used for an app game.
    Key of old features:
  • Intuitive dual stick shooting controls Over 20 maps to explore
  • A wide range of modern and futuristic weapon types of new features
  • New features always have some difficulty for play, but we will provide you all information about the new feature,s of Militia.

If you like to use pro speed for this simple app .just download this simple app and continue playing.

Pass-Through Wall |Wall Penetration
During the war,  players stay back from the wall to protect their lives. So this wall provides full safety for militia players.
Giant |Machete
The use of Giant(Bicycle) is part of battle some militia players use for some reasons. Now we will discuss the machete. Machete is a weapon(sword) and the uses of this weapon can be seen in the war against enemies.
BulletProof House
Militia soldiers are always using bulletproof houses for security issues during the war.
Bulletproof car
During the patrolling against their enemies, militia players use the bulletproof car for their security.
Medical Center |MGH |Lucifer
Big Medical centers and qualified doctors are always ready to secure injured soldiers,s of Militia during the war against enemies.

 Samsung galaxy y

Samsung galaxy is the best smartphone because this phone has a big screen for playing these games online and offline. Advance Mini Militia APK is very interesting to change the skins or the avatar’s skin tones. Miniclip developers have a wonderful skin customization method. All these methods are free at all time. This game can be played on galaxy y very interestingly.

Definition History

Definition History is so old here we can,t present an accurate history of the Militia.
Groups |organizations
There are so many groups of Militia in the world Let,s we discuss all the names of groups one by one.
Light Foot  |National military
This is a new york city militia and that is a very strong and powerful fighter group in the world. This is number 1 in the world.
Defense Force Ohio|private
Ohio Defense force is the 2nd number in the world. This belongs to Ohio city. In his country, this militia is very famous but that is fully private.
Pennsylvania(Light Foot ) |  legal
Lightfoot belongs to Pennsylvania country and this is a military-related apk group. Many great fighters are part of this militia and this is a legal app in Pennsylvania.
American militia association
America is a powerful state in the world and the militia of this country is also strong than in other countries. So we can say the American militia association is a very defense militia app.
Also Militia categories
Michigan |  near me | youtube

Critical Action Game 

This is really advanced feature and you can say this is an original critical action game. So don,t search for other games, and don,t vast your time and try to download this game.

Gun strike | OPS

Like the FPS shooting game, Gun Strike ops is 3d fps offline shooting game with tactical jumps into the action.

Shooting Game.

This is an original shooting game and plays free for a long time. This game is a real free and fast-for-play download. So try to download it now and don,t  waste your money playing the game.

How to Download Advance Mini Militia APK?

If you like to download this advanced feature so read all instructions carefully.

Don’t feel hesitant remove the old version from his phone and start to download the new game from the link below. Complete all processes and enjoy this game free for a long time.

How to install Advance Mini Militia APK

After download, this game starts the next process of installation. The installation process is not hard and fast only follow all steps one by one and complete all processes. After complete, all process game is ready to play for your PC and Andriod phone.

Conclusion mini militia game play online

Hello, friends, I am Tariq khan I am an old user of the Advance online MiniMilitiaAPKgame. I used this service a lot of time regularly. I always recommended this app to his friends because this line can be played with his friends in a group all over the world. So this is a good  Andriod service and totally free for all time play with friends and family. Now create your group and start playing this game.

FAQS of Advance Mini Militia APK

Is this Militia is original?

Yes, this is an original game and free to download and play with friends from all over the world.

is that complete HD in the advanced version?

yes, this game is fully HD, developed by Miniclip, and available here. if you like to play go to the link below and download it now.

what are the Big weapons used in war?

There are so many big weapons used in  war

Name of weapons.

saber | saber sword

 mini militiasaber sword

  • bayonet
  • club
  • Dagger
  • Halberd
  • lance
  • pike
  • quarterstaff

All these weapons are used in the Mini Militia war. Can we invite their friends during playing the game? Yes, this is a combined military action game and we can play this game with friends and can invite their friends to play with us during playing the game.


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